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Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains
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These villains are the best of the bad! From Ultron, to Vulture, to Loki, the MCU has no shortage of great bad guys. WatchMojo counts down the top villains in the MCU.

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#10. Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger
#9. Johann Schmidt / Red Skull
#8. Ultron
#7. Colonel Helmut Zemo
#6. Adrian Toomes / Vulture
#5. Hela Odinsdottir
#4. Sergeant James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes / Winter Soldier
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. Heath Ledgers Joker wins, I dont care that hes DC, he will always be the best comic book vilain of all time


    Puts Loki at number 1 saying he’ll be a great anti hero some day and he’s well developed bla bla bla
    First 5 minutes in infinity war thanos snaps his neck
    Well that escalated quickly

  3. Just saw Infinity War for the second time tonight.

    Thanos is one of the best characters of the MCU, in my opinion. Not just best villain. But one of the best characters.

  4. Okay huge problem with Killmonger and Thanos being 3&2.

    The problem with Thanos is mainly the fact that his plan makes him look like a complete moron. He wants to prevent overpopulation and running out of recourses and the solution he thinks of is use the power of the infinity stones to kill half the universe. Ya know it’s not like he could use that infinite power to create an Infinite amount of resources, expand the number of habitable planets, put in place more effective systems throughout the universe which could benefit everyone. Hell he could have instead just made 50% of the universe infertile, I know that’s still bad but it’s better than killing half of everyone. Plus killing all those people is gonna lead to a fuck tonne of deaths and suffering. hell entire planets could devolve into chaos, but fuck thinking about consequences. On top of that it’s just a momentary fix and the numbers will rise back up eventually. Then you also have the problem of why it took so fucking long for him to bother getting the stones, in fact some of them were laying around completely unguarded a few years ago and he couldn’t be bothered. Also why send Loki to get the tesseract? Just send the black order and don’t bother with the whole ridiculous invasion of earth shit in the first avengers. That’s not even getting into the problem of how the heroes could have easily stopped him multiple times in infinity war but just didn’t because the writers couldn’t be fucked to write something that made sense, and no Dr Strange and the one good outcome thing isn’t an excuse, it’s a lazy cop out. At least if they had gone with the original comic book lady death motivation it would have cleared some of this up, yea it’s not the best motivation but it’s better than all that crap.

    The problem with Killmonger is that his entire plan should have failed and realistically he would never have been allowed to win the throne. What with him pretty much being an enemy of Wakanda due to him stealing Klaue from them as well as the fact that he’s a foreigner with no real knowledge of Wakanda and it’s people, ya know the kind of person an isolationist country like Wakanda would never allow to be king. Also I don’t know if this is just me but I found him so detestable and not in a good way. Usually with a villain you want to hate them but you still enjoy watching them on screen. Killmonger however I just found annoying and unlikable whenever he appeared (that’s more of an opinion though so not a huge deal). Overall the fact that his plan should have flopped and only worked cus the writers said so just makes him loose all credibility as an effective villain for me.

    Fuck that was a rant

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