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There are a million reasons why you should learn a new language. But how hard is it to pick up a second language? Well, some languages are easier than others for native English-speakers to learn. Whether it’s a Romance language like Portuguese, a West Germanic language like Dutch or a constructed language like Esperanto, these dialects are more straightforward for Anglophones to grasp. WatchMojo counts down ten languages that are quick for English speakers to pick up.

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00:55 #10: Norwegian
01:49 #9: Swedish
02:56 #8: German
03:58 #7: Dutch
04:50 #6: Afrikaans
05:42 #5: Esperanto
06:44 #4: Portuguese
07:34 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. Try learning Canadian French from Quebec. I speak French and I swear it is another language entirely, especially the way that pronounce the words.

  2. WTF Spanish easy to learn? Are you kidding me? HAHAH, clearly none of you speak spanish.

  3. ok watchmojo you did 10 hardest to learn, 10 easiest to learn now can you do 10 languages (from whom) you should learn. Let’s say to be able to travel to any part of globe and still be able to communicate well.

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