Welcome to Top10Archive! Everybody wants to deny it, but we all know it’s coming. Whether Hell fills up or some ambitious scientist accidentally raises the dead, an undead apocalypse is inevitable. At least it better be, else we’ve wasted all of our time trying to find the perfect zombie proof shelter. Oh well, at least our time wasn’t a complete waste as we were able to compile these Top 10 Zombie Proof Shelters for your viewi….
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10. Orsos Luxury Island
9. ZFC-1 Cabin
8. Atlas F Missile Base
7. Martin Castle
6. Hole N’’ the Rock
5. Villa on Dunbar Rock
4. Epic Lake Castle
3. Easter Sister Rock Island
2. The Ark Two SAFE
1. The Safe House

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  1. Well not to contradict you. But all it takes is someone to crash their boat into the island and die possibly turning into a zombie also all someone has to do is sneak on the island and could be possibly infected already and kill you so…no where’s zombie proof unless you’re deep underground.

    • Shaun Steele Hmm, I guess it would depend on what universe you’re in. In the Romero universe, people only turn when exposed to the virus, bitten, or scratched.

      I think The Walking Dead is one of the few where you’ll turn no matter what.

    • I think dressing up like a zombie to blend in with the crowd like Bill Murray did in Zombieland is better than any fortress.. xD
      I mean, you never see zombies eat other zombies.. it’s kind of genius if you think about it.. Wait.. Bill died in that movie, didn’t he?

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