These are the best, most satisfying, fan-service callbacks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. As the highly-anticipated culmination of over 20 fan-favorite films, it only makes sense that the Russo brothers would cram in as many references and tie up as many loose ends as possible to other films in the MCU, like Teen Harley from Iron Man 3, “cheeseburgers” from the original Iron Man, “on your left” from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and many more. Which callback was your favorite? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Stark trying to share his snacks always gets looked over. but he tries to do it in the first avengers film at a time before the team was together and tries to share with nebula at the start of endgame after he lost his team

  2. How about when Black Widow and Hawkeye drop Nebula and Rhodey off on Morag, Nat kicks that creature just like Quill in Guardians

  3. Did you know drax wore a SHIRT on tony’s funeral? He never wore a shirt before,he had so much respect for tony for saving the universe and avenging his wife and daughter he putted him self in a position his race considered ridicule

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