The MCU is, without a doubt, one of if not THE biggest franchise of all time. But it’s not perfect. Far from it. It may all be connected, but that doesn’t mean it all fits together like stones on a gauntlet… These are Marvel’s 10 BIGGEST plotholes.

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  1. Which of these plot holes do you think will ever be resolved? Also, where are YOU looking forward to seeing Ant-Man go in Thanos’ body?

  2. For the ring Dr Strange one I’m pretty sure the ring would have been taken from him if he had it

  3. I remember Nick Fury saying “Last time I trusted someone I lost an Eye” but I don’t know how they relates to Goose.

  4. the loki one about fury isnt a plothole its just a bad decision on his part. just because a character doesnt make every logical desicion doesnt make it a plothole

  5. 10. You gotta spend money to make money. Loki was just a bad investment.

    In this case money=infinity stones

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