Top 10 Actors We Want to See in the Star Wars Universe
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With so many Star Wars movies in the works, they’re going to need some huge casts! As the universe keeps growing, Kathleen Kennedy should look to names like Zazie Beetz, Carrie Coon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steven Yeun as actors who could lead new Star Wars movies! Who should be in the new Rian Johnson trilogy? What’s your dream Star Wars movie?

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List rank and entries:
#10: Sharlto Copley
#9: Zazie Beetz
#8: Gina Rodriguez
#7: Carrie Coon
#6: Jesse Plemons
#5: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#4: Tatiana Maslany
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. I don’t know why, after The Last Jedi, i find Satsifaction on Star Wars Suffering from Failure

  2. The storyboard group and producers may first want to concentrate on creating original characters the audience can emphatize with. After that one can ask which actor suits the role.

    Also, I would categorize Star Wars more as fantasy than science-fiction. The opening crawl already indicates this: “In a galaxy far far away”, instead of indicating that it happens in our galaxy in a time far in the future.

  3. Charlie day to play a character that cuts the breaks of the millennium falcon
    Wildcard bitches

  4. I like how you guys didn’t just cram bunch of oscar nominees on this list like a lot of lists would do. But rather give a bunch of highly talented actors a chance to show what they could offer.

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