SOLO BOMBS at the Box Office: Has STAR WARS Fatigue Set in? – The CineFiles Ep. 74
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Puppets, anti-heroes and smugglers! These are the stories that make up this week’s episode of The CineFiles! Jamie Foxx has been cast to play Spawn in Blumhouse’s production of the comic book anti-hero. Sesame Street failed at suing STX Entertainment for their R-rated puppet movie produced by The Jim Henson Company when a New York judge threw the case out the window. And of course, the latest Star Wars movie Solo bombed big time at the box office. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the latest edition of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema.

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  1. there’s no such a thing as star wars faigue and never will !! there’s a fact called SJW star wars fatigue, get your facts right

  2. You just keep telling that to yourselves.

    Solo bombed because Disney chose to alienate the core Star Wars fanbase and appeal to feminists who never buy anything with a bunch of postmodernist pseudo-remakes, the end.

    People went to see The Last Jedi because they didn’t know of this agenda yet, but they didn’t return for seconds, and they don’t care for Solo or Episode IX either, or the merchandise; at this point this franchise, which was a sure bet just four years ago, is now dead.

  3. “Star Wars fatigue.” This is such a stupid excuse. A Star Wars movie is 2 hours. The last one was 5 months ago. During the Game of Thrones season, a new 1-hour episode comes out EVERY FUCKING WEEK. You don’t hear anyone complaining about “Game of Thrones fatigue” during a season.

  4. Fan’s fatigue of Kathleen Kennedy’s bullshit SJW feminazi agenda and terrible storytelling.

  5. It’s got nothing to do with fatigue. It’s the fact that KK and lucasfilm are continually shitting down the fans throats and we’ve had enough.

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