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These are the anime themes from your childhood. We’re looking at some of the most nostalgic anime opening songs of all time, from shows like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon, Outlaw Star, Serial Experiments Lain, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, One Piece, Trigun, and more!
Expect to Rock the dragon with a cruel angel’s thesis while you catch ’em all…ok that sounds weird.

And if this list got you craving more anime ops, check out our list of the top 10 anime opening themes:

00:43 #10. “Just Communication” by TwoMix
01:49 #9. “Through the Night” by Masahiko Arimachi
02:54 #8. ”Digimon are the Champions” by Paul Gordon
03:35 #7. “Smile Bomb” by Mawatari Matsuko
04:49 #6. “Duvet” by Boa
06:00 #5. “Sailor Moon (Theme)” by Nicole and Brynne Price
06:55 #4. “Tank!” by The Seatbelts
08:08 #3, #2, #1: ????

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  1. For Gundam wing i have to go with Rhythm Emotion when the title music
    changed to this you know that the stakes had just been raised and nothing
    was going to be the same again.

    Then there is Cardcaptor Sakura a song that is still on my playlist and one
    i think should have at least made it to the short list.

    i was going to say shaman king but i think it was a early 2000 show i hope
    to see it on the 2000s list.

  2. once again another top 10 list with mostly mega popular animes ? dont get
    me wrong i love these animes but most of these are always getting over
    used. but like g gundam that should of been in the list there are tons of
    awesome anime openings but they get over shadow from the mega poplular

  3. I was disappointed when I seen cowboy bebop at number 4, but since Pokemon
    is number 1, I feel better lol

  4. Having the Yu Yu Hakusho and Serial Experiments Lain intros on this list
    automatically got it a thumbs up.

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