Top 10 Sexiest Anime Witches

Just in time for halloween, but these Witches are far more sexy than they are scary. We’re looking at shows like Umineko When They Cry, Fate/stay night, The Familiar of Zero, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, A Certain Magical Index, Maria the Virgin Witch, Rosario + Vampire, xxxHOLiC, Soul Eater, Magi, Witch Craft Works, and more to find out who’s the hottest witch around.
So stay tuned if the likes of Beatrice, Merlin and Ultear have cast a spell on you.

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00:42 #10. Ayaka Kagari
01:27 #9. Yamraiha
2:08 #8. Blair
02:54 #7. Yuuko Ichihara
03:33 #6. Ruby Toujou
04:14 #5. Maria
05:03 #4. Oriana Thomson
05:49 #3, #2, #1: ????

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  1. rule number one before you watch a watchmojo vid first scroll down and look
    how many people got pissed of by this list xD

  2. what the hell makes you decide between whether or not you’ll use subs or
    dubs? Also, you failed by not having Konosuba Megumin on here

  3. Cancerous WatchMojo comment section back at it again. Why the fuck are you
    even here? And btw, WatchMojo topics are chosen by SUGGESTION and VOTES by
    people who visit their website.

  4. Now do the top 10 Fnaf characters…
    the top 10 experiments from lilo and stitch…
    the top 10 wwe royal rumble matches from the royal rumble…
    the top 10 sonic female characters…
    and… the top 10 Danganronpa deaths from the whole series.

  5. Can you do a Top 10 on Anime Blood? As in, which anime has the best looking
    blood. For example, the different between blood in “To Aru Majutsu No
    Index” and basic Shounen Anime, eg: “Fairy Tail”.

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