Top 10 2D Platformers That You’ve Probably Forgotten

These are the old games you used to love as a kid, but have since fallen into obscurity. No reboots to be found here, just forgotten mascots, strange ideas and often delightful gameplay from a bygone era. Welcome to , and join us as we take a left off of memory lane, down the alleyway of the Top 10 Forgotten 2D Platformers!

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00:46 #10: “Dynamite Headdy” (1994)
01:37 #9: “The Addams Family” (SNES version) (1992)
02:32 #8: “Klonoa: Door to Phantomile” (1998)
03:30 #7: “Decap Attack” (1991)
04:23 #6: “Mischief Makers” (1997)
05:21 #5: “Clash at Demonhead” (1990)
06:22 #4: “Rocket Knight Adventures” (1993)
07:12 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Actraiser was so epic. We’d had god sim games before, and we’d had action
    platformers before, but that was the first time we got both in one package.
    Shame the sequel sucked, that series could’ve really gone places.

  2. Let me just say this, Actraiser was my all time favorite snes game. The
    boss fights were amazing even difficult at times. The sim building was so
    far ahead of its time. 10/10 but if a game ever needed a sequel I’d say
    “Demons Quest Snes”

  3. Bucky O’ Hare has a special place in my childhood. The most beautiful 2d
    platform game ever made. Superb!

  4. Bucky O’hare got its mention… Love that game, and the music…. But you
    missed Blaster Master!

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