Top 10 Impossible Choices in Telltale Games

These are the choices that were the most difficult, the decisions that made us tear our hair out, the ones that wracked our brains and made us second guess ourselves to no end. Telltale’s point and click adventure games are known for difficult crossroads and binaries – but these are the worst of the worst. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Choices In TellTale Games.

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00:32 #10. Destroy or Keep Handsome Jack’s A.I.
01:28 #9. Marry Lord Morgryn or Die
02:22 #8. Steal or Leave the Supplies from the Car
03:20 #7. Save Catwoman or Harvey Dent
04:18 #6. Kiss the Ring or Refuse
05:16 #5. Kill or Spare the Crooked Man
06:16 #4. Shoot Kenny or Look Away
07:15 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. i was so torn between jane and kenny cause i valued kennys life more but he
    was in the wrong,i ended up shooting him and got the alone ending.

  2. i think trust fiona or trust jack from tftbl should have been on the list.
    episode 3 drastically changes depending on that choice as well as the later
    choice of let jack help or tell him to piss off. those combined 2 choices
    REALLY change the game and story for a good portion, ive played it multiple

  3. The hardest choice for me was the end of The Walking Dead season 2 when u
    save kenny, do you go to wellington or stay with kenny? I literally sobbed
    for 10 straight minutes thinking about what I should do.

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