Lady Gaga – The Story & the Songs
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“Bad Romance”, “Poker Face”, “Paparazzi” … These are not only some of the best Lady Gaga songs; they’re some of the best modern pop tracks of all time AND some of the best songs of the 20th century…period. But how did Gaga get so famous? What influence did she have on music history? Learn how Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga changed music forever by learning about the songs that started it all.

You can’t rank the music without knowing the artist , so we’re bringing you “The Story and the Songs”; a music show covering the bios and top 10s of the most influential artists of all time. On this episode, we tackle Lady Gaga’s career and best songs.

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  1. If anyone hasn’t gotten the chance to, I recommend reading up the symbols and the meanings of the ARTPOP/GUY/VENUS music video

  2. A better top 10 list for Gaga fans:

    10. Mary Jane Holland
    9. Bloody Mary
    8. Pokerface
    7. Aura
    6. G.U.Y
    5. Government Hooker
    4. Paparazzi
    3. Dance in the Dark
    2. Scheiße
    Honourable Mentions: Heavy Metal Lover, Applause, Speechless, Born This Way
    1. Bad Romance

  3. 4:45 wait…she actually did that? Lmao I always thought it was just a Simpsons piss take of her fashion xD crazy world

  4. Gaga was instrumental in bringing music videos back into mainstream popularity for the online era. One can argue that she is the most influential music artist of this generation.

  5. a lot of lady gagas songs sound the same and she has no knowledge of humility, just trying to gain attention in shock value for what she lacks in talent.

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