The Beatles – The Story & the Songs
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You’ve heard Hey Jude, All You Need Is Love, Please Please Me, A Hard Day’s Night, and the rest of the best Beatles songs. The Beatles are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, and together they wrote they wrote some of the most famous pop songs in history and became one of the most influential bands ever. But how did the Beatles start? How did the Beatles become famous? How did the Beatles break up? Find out how the Beatles changed music.

You can’t rank the music without knowing the legend, so we’re bringing you “The Story and the Songs”; a music show covering the bios and top 10s of the most influential artists of all time. On this episode, we tackle the Beatles history and best songs.

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  1. Like thid comment if u think the beatles shouldn’t have broken up and should’ve made music through the 80’s and 70’s and 90’s

  2. 1. Across The Universe
    2. Because
    3. A Day In The Life
    4. And Your Bird Can Sing
    5. The Night Before
    6. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
    7. Yesterday
    8. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
    9. Tomorrow Never Knows
    10. Come Together

  3. The first part of that video was really poorly made it offers nothing besides surface level information without giving any real insight into why the band was so important. To understand the beatles is to understand the 1960s and to understand the 1960s is to understand humanity. Nothing in today’s world or maybe in history compares to the massive cultural changes that took place in this decade, and the beatles were many times the instigators and spokesmen of these changes weather they were comfortable with it or not. When you see the beatles in those early years with there mop tops singing I want to hold your hand and then you see them with there psychedelic garb on in I am the Walrus only 4 years had passed in between those recordings so much had changed in the world and musically in these 4 years it’s like centuries had passed, it’s unprecedented in history the amount of change that took place, the world went essentially from black and white to color, there was a massive divide amongst young people and the older generation. There was a horrible escalating war that was taking place in Vietnam, one that was becoming increasingly criticized and unwanted as the decade continued, there were clashes of ideas and peoples, growing paranoia and lots and lots of drugs, it was so intense this is all an understatement. as these changes began to happen the beatles represented these far out ideas in rubber soul and revolver even a song like Rain by them represents this where Lennon is talking about how people run away when it rains and how they run to the shade when it’s sunny saying how it’s all just a state of mind. The highest ideals of the counterculture were represented in 1967 during “the summer of love” when massive amount of young people were flocking to San Francisco and living peacefully dropping acid and making love, SGT Pepper was THE album that best represented this time. The following year in 1968 things were getting out of control the peace and love was dying down and paranoia was on the rise there were literally riots on the street, assassinations left and right, and it looked like a revoluton was on the horizon (hence the beatles song Revoluton where Lennon condems violent acts and calls for peaceful changes in ones mind instead) nothing better represents the chaos and madness of 1968 then the beatles self titled white album it was incredibly cryptic and odd and Charles Manson himself took the album to be the word of God, the murders that he committed were inspired by this album and the Manson Murders along with a few other things ended the 1960s in a horrible way. I mean I could go into insane detail about all of this I’m just kind of trying to paint a picture of the time the beatles were around in which is really really important into understanding why the beatles are so important. They were the (weather willing or not) leaders of this generation of young people who were questioning these ideas, and speaking out, and forcing change, unfortunately this generation was filled with lots of phonies (as is any generation) and drugs and paranoia ruined some of there best minds but the beatles till there end represented the BEST this generation had to offer which in many senses is the best that humanity has to offer, looking past the early years (which were still important they were the first true rock band) and into there more experimental stuff the lyrics especially Lennon’s offer such profound and deep insights into humanity that they can really only be matched by Bob Dylans but where Bob Dylan was sarcastic and snide the beatles offered the light to there audience and helped people grow. The music itself is fucking great, obviously, and influenced just about everything that came after it and there contemporaries at the time, and to me they remain my favorite band of all time. It’s just such a pet peeve of mind the increasing amount of .. I don’t even know what you would call them? “Essay” videos on YouTube where they do this history of a band or talk about a movie cause I find that most people don’t know what the fuck there talking about and all it does is muddy the information pool and misinform people. Like I’m 22 there’s no excuse for not knowing your shit and making a video like this. BUT I love the 1960s and the beatles so I’d gladly make a video on them however I would never make a video on say Elvis Presley, I like Elvis and I know some surface level shit about him but not enough to make a video like this and I just think people should stick to what they know because really at the end of the day what is the point of this video, someone could read about the beatles on Wikipedia and get a better idea of how important they were then by this video these people are just talking out of there ass man haha. Im not going to comment on the list part cause it’s subjective but I don’t know man I just feel like if you have tis big of a channel and your reaching this many people you have a duty to put some more effort into it then what I just witnessed I cringe at the thought that this might just come up for people who look up the beatles and want to know more about them and understand them better and this is like there one curious moment where there looking into them. Yeah whatever I’m rambling and probably half of this comment could be deleted so I’m just going to end this here

  4. “Strawberry Fields Forever” should have been closer to No: 1 along with “Tomorrow Never Knows,” “A Day in the Life,” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

  5. 1 A day in the life
    2 In my life
    3 8 days a week
    4 a hard days night
    5 she`s leaving home
    6 im the walrus
    7 we can work it out
    8 something
    9 I feel fine
    10 day tripper
    (honorable mention )
    let it be
    dont let me down
    penny lane
    i wanna hold your hand
    she loves you
    All you need is love
    …. omg they have too many good songs!

  6. The White Album came out before the Yellow Submarine Soundtrack
    Let It Be sessions was known as the Get Back sessions when they were rehearsing the songs
    Ringo Starr was the first Beatle to release a solo single

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