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JrMojo is an exciting and diverse channel with lovable characters as well as creative kids utilizing the internet as a space for self-expression. Dynamic entertainment inspired by our exciting technological world: videophone tutorials, texting short stories, educational listicals, VR360 games, Vlogging, Videogame Live-play, as well as classic and contemporary DIY/craft activities.

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  1. When they are talking about sloths it sounds like they are saying “sluts” ?

  2. The worst part is that the title isn’t even grammatically accurate. Jr. comes after the name, as opposed to before.

  3. Why are people so mad about this, it’s a separate show for kids…watchmojo is for any age teenage and older, I think Ms. Mojo was a dumb idea, but Jr. Mojo is literally a thing for toddlers, at least it’s better than the other garbage for kids on youtube

  4. I understand this choice.They are transforming for YouTube tv and tapping into a new market…stop being saulty

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