Because one list wasn’t enough, we’re giving you another Top 10 cartoons that were cancelled for ridiculous reasons. We’re highlighting more shows that ended due to behind-the-scenes circumstances, and not just bad ratings. If you don’t see a cartoon that you think should be on this list, be sure to check out our original video. WatchMojo ranks the best cartoons that were cancelled for the most ridiculous reasons. Which cartoon do you think was unfairly cancelled? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Pinky and the Brain actually made an episode poking fun at the “third chatacter” idea the execs wanted them to use.

  2. Just glad Clone Wars is still cannon and i’m gonna watch rhe episode in the right order

  3. I think its time we saw an end to cartoons where toy sales are essential to the viability of the cartoon. Too many great cartoons got canceled because people weren’t buying overpriced crappy made-in-china tie-in product.

  4. ok, Clone Wars does get pretty dark, especially as it progresses, so I can see the studio’s reasons. Still leaves a bad taste in the mouth though.

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