There’s nothing more frustrating than a bad ending to a great tv show or movie. These are just a few movie and tv endings that had fans furious! From Game of Thrones to Lost, Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi to Man of Steel, these are the movies and tv shows that caused major backlash from fans! Which ending made you the most mad?

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  1. American franchises typically end up like this. Offhand, the only ones that I can name that avoided the trend are Deep Space 9 and Babylon 5 for TV, and even B5 slipped a bit towards the end. For movies, MAYBE Lord of the Rings, Definitely Avengers Endgame if you consider it an ending.

  2. I actualy really liked lukes ending. Sure the movie has many problems but taking out snoke without a backstory pleased me. But phasmas death was done better in the deleted scene in my opinion.

  3. How hypocritical that you guys are bad mouthing Last Jedi after adding it to your top 10 films of 2017 list.

  4. Lost is the greatest and most ambitious show ever from beginning to end. I loved last jedi with only empire, revenge of the sith & Rogue one being better. I didn’t mind man of steel especially considering the awful sequels. Got season 8 was ok, just not as good as most of the other seasons. I’m surprised Night Court isn’t on this list

  5. I’ll just say it. Game of Thrones’ ending was good. The whole season was good. Great? Maybe not. But 99% of the backlash is because it wasn’t the ending the fans had envisioned themselves. And yeah-we get it by now, watchmojo didn’t like it. Maybe move on?

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