Black Mirror shines a light on the scariest futures of new technologies, but what if they aren’t that far off? Here’s 10 Ways Black Mirror is Already Coming True.

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  1. It seems that black Mirror has a pretty great knack of predicting things that come to pass. Whixh of these did you find the most surprising?

    • even with the Black Mirror ‘shagging a pig’ episode being referenced…. HOW did Pig Gate not get a mention??

    • the one that implants people in china so they can be denied things based on their: hobbies, interests, and political views on social media.

    • *Someone just hast to hack youtube and remove that video clip with the “doctor” watching a brain x-ray literally **_every_** channel uses.*
      He looks so much like our new prime minister (Sebastian Kurz), a reactionary very right 31-year-old a***hole who among other horrible things will reduce social services and give the money to the capitalist industry.
      *PLEEEASE stop using it. *

  2. TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, SNAPCHAT, ETC all of these major social apps selectively show you what they want you to see and filter out things they dislike

  3. Those who don’t know about Black Mirror: search it on Netflix, a lot of episodes hit hard on an existential level

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