Social media has revolutionized the lives of pretty much everyone, but it’s not all likes and smiley emojis.

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  1. ok, so definition of Social media “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”
    youtube is a social media, you just talk badly about the platform you yourself are posting videos on so that others can watch them and get the 10 dark effects it brings?

  2. Guys let me remind you all that youtube is a form of social media as well… (There are people in the comments that don’t quite get that ;D)

  3. Funny. I wouldn’t have got through my 35 day water and juice fast if it weren’t for food porn. I used food porn as an outlet to cope with the stress of not eating the same way many people use X rated porn to cope with the stress of not getting laid.

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