Hey YouTube, Jim here. Welcome to Top10Archive! We all love movies, right? The awe of being transported to someplace fantastical or standing in the presence of impossible creatures – it’s a means of escaping reality. Well, not to be the guy that people hate inviting to parties, but I couldn’t resist compiling this list of behind-the-scenes shots from ten of your favorite, CGI-filled blockbusters.

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10. Alice in Wonderland
9. The Avengers
8. Man of Steel
7. Life of Pi
6. The Jungle Book
5. Beauty and the Beast
4. Captain America: Civil War
3. Jurassic World
2. Guardians of the Galaxy
1. Justice League

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  1. I was expecting the star wars prequels where Ewan McGregor talks about his woes of speaking to green and blue balls all day. Or the leaked wolverine movie that used cgi trees despite being shot in Vancouver. They were such a mess!

  2. Very interesting! Sadly i just can’t Watch anything worth cgi in it, things just look washed out and fake. Im red blind, anyone else have this problem with modern movies??

  3. That is really cool that you were able to include real footage from the actual movies on your channel. You must have invested a decent amount of money to make this video.

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