Top 10 Deleted Celebrity Social Media Posts
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Celebrities tweet the darndest things. From Amanda Bynes’ tweets about Drake to Rob Kardashian’s social media rant on Blaq Chyna and Drake Bell’s transphobic comments, there have been countless instances of celebrities sharing dumb and/or controversial social media posts, only to later regret it. WatchMojo is counting down the social media posts that were deleted by stars following backlash from the public.

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#10: Amanda Bynes Is Really into Drake
#9: Mary J. Blige’s “Intelligents”
#8: Bow Wow Tweets About Driving Drunk
#7: Drake Bell Calls Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce”
#6: Rob Kardashian vs. Blac Chyna
#5: CeeLo’s Troubling Definition of Rape
#4: 50 Cent Calls a Fan Autistic
#3, #2 &#1 ???

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  1. I love how everyone can have an opinion except if you’re famous. You know as much has I do, if the person 3 houses down from you post something stupid,your not going to complain, but since we worship celebrities,they have to walk on eggshells. Saying that their a role model is not a defence. Anyone can be a role model,even if you’re not famous.

  2. What’s wrong with #7? I mean, he is Bruce. It’s not like Theon’s name was Reek just because Ramsay started calling him so and even Theon himself for some time beleived it.
    Also, how easy it is to bully one nowadays – just use the word “phobia” everyone is afraid of.

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