We have a hard time believing anyone would buy what we’ve deemed the worst as seen on TV items ever. It’s time to look at the oddest, most impractical or downright embarrassing products that have been marketed on television, because hey… clearly there’s no shortage of bad ideas out there. Just because it made it to television… doesn’t mean you should buy it. WatchMojo ranks the worst as seen on TV items ever. Which as seen on TV item do you think is the worst? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. #1: Now you can read, watch TV, or just relax in the privacy of your own home.
    Me: Um… but I already do that.

    lol this has to be the best thing I’ve watched all day. Thanks WatchMojo!

  2. I gave this video my like after “The Hawaii/Hula Chair” came up, because I forgot how utterly ridiculous (and hilarious) of an invention it was. Pardon me while I laugh so hard I get a cramp.

    Edit: Seriously, watch that segment again. Could you imagine walking through an office building and seeing someone sitting at their desk looking like their scratching an itch in their butt crack in a circular motion? How can you be serious about making or taking a call when you look like some nympho who can’t contain themselves? Why do we allow people to make money off these things? HOW DID THIS THING END UP ON ELLEN???

  3. Marketing the facial flex as a way to work facial muscles to get a natural “face lift” looks ridiculous and stupid, BUT….As a nurse, I can actually see the product helping for ppl that have had a stroke, and are going through therapy to regain muscle strength, and muscle usage. Strokes usually will cause paralysis in the face, and body. Sometimes this paralysis is permanent, but sometimes ppl can actually get their movement s back with A LOT of therapy. I actually think this product would be great for stroke sufferers!!

    Now, that rejuvenique mask is kinda scary. 🤨 I’d be scared to death something would happen to the prongs, and next thing ya knew….you were being electrocuted!!

    Hold up! That back up rifle rack for the bed….isn’t useless! It wouldn’t be ideal if you had kids in the house, but if you didn’t have kids to worry about I actually think this is an awesome idea!
    Only an anti-2nd amendment libtard would think this is completely “useless”. Bet your ass wouldn’t think it was useless when you got woke up one night with someone breaking into your home. 🤨
    I’ve got a beautiful coffee table that has a hidden button that opens it up to a gun case. Pretty much the same concept. A nice place to have a gun hidden, that can be easily accessed if the need should arise.

  4. We can call them dumb, but there’s actually ppl in the world that BUYS this stupid crap, and while we laugh at how stupid these inventions are the inventors are walking around with millions in the bank.

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