Steve Rogers’ has had some crazy moments throughout his time in the MCU…especially by the time Endgame rolled around. In this list we are ranking the greatest Captain America moments in the MCU!
What do YOU think should be at the top of the list?? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I loved all the speeches, especially the one at winter soldier talking about the price for freedom. So disapppointed they didn’t put any speech scenes in the list.

  2. Rebecca could wield Mjolnir. She is worthy. I mean, her narration is. We don’t need to see the face. She could look like Marilyn Monroe.. doesn’t matter. That voice is more than enough. Thanos wouldn’t fight that voice.

  3. Who would rather have cap say I can do this all day in the cap v cap or cap v thanos for me is cap v thanos

  4. Cap actually catching Thanos’ hand and stopping the gauntlet was actually better than wielding Mjolnir.

  5. Bucky was literally a big part of Cap and his story arc but sure have him leave Bucky behind for someone he kissed once and that moved on ??

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