Top 10 YouTube Gamers of 2017
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YouTube is overloaded with gaming channels, (btw subscribe to MojoPlays) but these guys and gals floated to the Top in 2017. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTube Gamers of 2017.

#10. YongYea
#9. GameGrumps
#8. Mark Brown
#7. Jim Sterling
#6. JackSepticEye
#5. Kinda Funny
#4. videogamedunkey
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. I know lists like these are truly hair raising and eye turning for many, but I honestly feel super humbled and honored to be here. 2017 was rough for me, and seeing the support here meant a lot. There’s a lot of awesome creators out there that deserve so much love. So if anyone sees this comment – Please check out –

    Super Bunny Hop
    The Game Chasers
    Beat Em Ups
    The Gaming Historian
    Pushing Up Roses
    Lazy Game Reviews (LGR)
    Team Four Star
    Maximillion and Yo Video Games
    DJ Cutman and Game Chops
    Pelvic Gaming

    There’s a lot more to think of that I can’t right now. Either way, thank you for the support.

  2. The fact that the Game Grumps are not on this list at all makes me sick

    Congrats to Jirard though he earned that #1 spot

  3. WTH!? JackSepticEye is Irish!?!? OAO #iloveirishaccents

    Never watched him because he swears alot…like Pewds…

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