The worst animated comedies on TV are a far cry from The Simpsons. We’ll be looking at cartoon comedies that are considered some of the most awful series to grace television screens. Our picks are based on a combination of critical reception and commercial failure. WatchMojo ranks the worst animated comedies. What do you think is the worst animated comedy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Sorry but tasteless to be tasteless is indeed funny if…. done right… see jackass 1 2 and 3

  2. I guess I have “good” taste since I never watched any of these, except for two episodes of Father of the Pride. Everybody makes mistakes.

  3. Family guy sucked during the Cleveland show it wasn’t nearly the same only seeing Peter joe quagmire that was at least part of the reason why I stopped watching family guy in 2011 family guy is soo much better now that Cleveland is back on family guy where he belongs

  4. I don’t know what type of marketing is being done to keep a SHIT show like teen titan go running

  5. for me this is my opinion. number 10 i get this was an unpopular opinion of planet sheen but at least they tried, number 9,8,7,6 are shows i have never even heard of but from the looks of it they look very dumb and stupid shows. number 5 i am a fan of family guy but here when i first saw and heard of this show i did not want to watch this show at all from the first looks of it. number 4 i also have never heard of this but still think this show looks dumb and stupid as well. number 3 this is a show that i watched the first time and immediately thought why would they change one of most serious action packed cartoon and then change it into a silly, dumb comedy cartoon that just doesn’t work with these characters. number 2 is something i have never heard of from one of the most idiotic cartoons i have ever watch that is ren and stimpy. number 1 is the same as number 4 i have never heard but still it looks dumb and stupid.

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