They started out strong, but these shows ended with the worst series finales ever. We’re taking a look at popular TV shows that failed to stick the landing with their final episode, leaving audiences on the lowest note possible. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when you part ways with a slap across the face. WatchMojo ranks the worst series finales. What do you think is the worst series finale? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. So tired of all the hated HIMYM finale
    Is not a bad finale,is a not popular
    And the Two and a half men made me laugh

  2. Lost, Dexter and GOT are great shows. You don’t get to choose the way art ends and everything doesn’t have to have a happy ending.

  3. I completely and utterly disagree with Game of Thrones as the worst. Was the ending great? No. Was it terrible? God no. I am of the opinion that the finale was good. What I wanted to happen did not. Making it unpredictable. If everything happened the way we wanted to, it would not be a show but fan made. All this crap about it being awful and they should remake it are just displeased people that did not get there fan made Game of Thrones. Shock, awe and subversion that is what the show is and that is what a show should be. So no way. Game of Thrones should not be anywhere near this list. I’m disappointed in you watch Mojo. You do not know what the worst is. Every episode of Thrones is good not a single bad one. Worst is Smallville. Worst is Penny Dreadful. Worst is Into the Badlands. Those were the worst of all time.

  4. Amazing video watchmojo amazing work Rebecca from watchmojo also u forgot to mention Roseanne reign boardwalk empire angel Buffy the vampire slayer Charmed pretty little lair etc

  5. You just gonna leave out “ANGEL”. That is the worst ending I ever seen. Also “V” both series especially the second one

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