Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Not too long ago, we covered ten of the safest ways to lose weight and received a few requests about the opposite problem – how to gain weight. So, we did some research. It seems everyone struggles to lose those extra pounds, but it’s true that some people have difficulty gaining and doing so safely.

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10. Gradually Increase Calorie Intake
9. Dine More Frequently
8. Add High-Fat Foods to Your Diet
7. Avoid Water Before Meals
6. Drink More Milk
5. Work on Building Muscle Mass
4. Eat a High-Carb Diet
3. Eat Plenty of Protein
2. Treat Yourself, Cut our Suppressants
1. Turn to “Gainer” Supplements

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  1. G’stuff, T10A! And I love how even though you guys are showing a vid on gaining weight, You showed the healthy way to do it! I’da simply said, “Sit on your butt all day and order some pizza!” xD

  2. I actually cannot gain weight really in any way, I’m a grazer and have always had a BMI if 16.2, because I have no ability to reform triglycerides in my liver! That basically means that fat is broken to be absorbed into the blood, but I cannot reform the fat once inside. My triglyceride count is 12!

  3. It’s rare to see people do this, but being one of the ones that has a hard time gaining weight, this is super helpful

  4. *”Weight Gain”* is really an untapped market.
    I mean, there are things out there but not like the weight loss market. There are probably just as many people looking to gain weight as to loosing weight but are often over looked.
    It may be hard to comprehend but for some of us it’s really hard to pack on the pounds no matter what you try.
    Some people just have genetically high metabolisms or may suffer from type of illness.
    If someone could come up with a simple, inexpensive way for those who have trouble gaining weight (I know what you’re thinking, not weed) they may just as well corner that market and make millions.

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