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Top 10 Ways To Fix Sea of Thieves
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“Sea of Thieves” has a lot of potential, but we can’t help but think of how great the pirate life would be if they just fixed these 10 things.

#10: Show the Damn Kraken!
#9: Catch the Hackers!
#8: Different Loadouts & Player Roles
#7: Add Some Narrative
#6: Offer More for Solo Players
#5: Fix the Brig
#4: More Enemies
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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    • Sea of thives should have:
      Pirate theme Mini games
      1 arm wrestling
      2 playing cards, betting games
      3 bonty hunter quests: finding treasure, someone’s item, pirates in debt, paintings, documents,
      4 enemie item drops to build… guns, clothing, etc…
      5 battle royale with ships
      6 hire the guys from obsidian to make the quest system
      7 robin banks like in pirates of the Caribbean

  1. Maybe npc pirate hunters when you and your crew are well renown or a npc controlled faction that has multiple ships on the seas ready for you and your friends to take on.

  2. Here’s an idea for them, knock the price down. At where it is content-wise I am not going to pay for a full game when it’s only worth like $20 at best. I’d only be willing to pay full price once it’s stuffed with content worth the price tag they’ve got on it

  3. This game would fit soo well to just changing into a battle royale game although there is becoming a saturation of battle royale games but the massive map size and boats fit well to the genre they can spice it up abit and have different mechanics like last pirate left in the sea instead of the storm closing in and having short matches but I don’t want rare to die because without this company we might not of had many games we loved over the years

  4. It is a damn shame that videos like this need to even be made. When reviewers have to hold developers’ hands and tell them how to do their jobs, it’s a sad day in our gaming times. Seriously.

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