Top 5 Ways To Make Sonic Great Again!
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MAGA? More like MSGA! Meh…not as catchy but whatever! With these helpful tips, Sega definitely won’t be able to blame Sonic’s poor performance on working class anxiety…I’m sorry. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Ways To Make Sonic Great Again!

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  1. The best way: GET RID OF THE FANDOM. They are the real problem behind Sonic’s continues “failure.” Even with the relatively good games after Sonic Colors, they are still not satisfied.

  2. U guys r right about most things, but Sonic is all about speed. The reason Sonic 06 and all other dissopointments are so bad is because they feel so slow

  3. Sorry..I’m gonna have to disagree with a lot of these picks. I do agree with the gimmicks and level design and all, but more serious elements aren’t bad all the time. To this day i still feel Unleashed had the best story. Fast and furious gameplay WITH platforming (along with beautiful levels) is great too. I mean im sure many of you would disagree with me and im sure most of you love the classics and trust me i do too, but there’s a reason why we have both Modern and Classic Sonic. Best of both. And with the return of Classic Sonic last year, I’m sure Sonic will head the right direction in 3d and 2d

  4. It’s true, there have never been any good Sonic stories with dark elements.
    (cough) Sonic SatAM (cough) Archie Comics (cough)

  5. So, to save the Sonic franchise, those who made this list think that Sega has to do exactly the same as 20 years ago? Yeah, these are good suggestions.

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