Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Han Solo
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Even the most well-known smuggler in the galaxy has a few unknown secrets. From his relationship with Chewbacca, to his Kessel Run claims, to gold dice, there’s more to this scruffy-looking nerf herder than meets the eye. WatchMojo counts down the top things you didn’t know about Han Solo.

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#10. He Rescued Chewie, Who Now Owes Him a “LifeDebt”
#9. He’s at Least Partially Based on Francis Ford Coppola
#8. He Hails From Corellia
#7. Christopher Walken and Kurt Russell Screen Tested For the Role
#6. His Gold Dice Have a Story Behind Them
#5. His Most Famous Line Was AdLibbed
#4. His Description of the Kessel Run is a Little Sketchy
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. In honor of Solo, this list is my instant favorite :). Happy Revenge of the Fifth.

  2. I got as far as the start of Number Ten before deciding not to watch any more. Who doesn’t know Chewy owes Han a life debt? They outright state it in the first movie.
    If the video was titled “Top Ten Facts…” rather than _things you didn’t know_ I’d be fine, but this is a bloody stretch.

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