Haters gonna hate. For this list, we’re looking at things, groups, actions or whatever that seem to attract high levels of negative judgment, with little rational reasoning behind it. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things People Hate for No Good Reason. (For the record, we’re not necessarily saying we hate these things, but we understand why people do.

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  1. i think peps hate vegans cus they have to tell all the peps they meet that they are vegans and no one cares. more meat for os. or am i wrong?

  2. 1. I have a reason to hate goths. They’re stupid and pretenders.
    2. I hate capers because they don’t realize they’re killing themselves

  3. About vegans (I saw the thumbnail but not the whole video yet so if anyone’s like “wtf they didn’t even talk about vegans” I get it) but I *100% see why* people hate vegans. Now as a collective they shouldn’t be hated for their “dietary choices” it’s the extremist vegans who think that if you eat meat you don’t deserve to live. Like if you’re online going full freelee saying people don’t deserve to live or that meat eaters are inferior you don’t deserve a platform to show your beliefs I think those kinds of people need the internet taken away from them and that they give vegans a bad name. It’s a similar situation to my high school English teacher she said she doesn’t like Geordie shore because *she’s* a Geordie and she thinks it gives them a bad name. Like I get that a few extremists/morons in a certain group make people hate them so therefore vegans aren’t hated for “no good reason”. It’s just a misguided reason. But I have nothing against vegans. Just like I have nothing against feminists or anything like that (just because feminists are also hated for a “good” buy misguided reason. Like feminism has sjws and well they’re the reason people hate modern feminists which is wrong just not everything has to be tagged with a nice little pc label)

  4. I’m a 1st Gen millennial and i do hate the newest generation they are oblivious, do not have there own opinions, and they love Mobile gaming. Most of em anyway.

  5. Mainstream Media fake news for many years now, CNN is openly against Trump and even helped crooked Hilary’s campaign.

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