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Top 10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home
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The kitchen. The living room. The bedroom… Nothing and nowhere is safe! From dryer sheets, to dryers, to electric blankets, be wary of these killer devices! Kidding, just be wary. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home.

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#10. Dryer Sheets
#9. The Dryer
#8. Electric Blankets
#7. NonStick Pans
#6. Plastic Food Containers
#5. Kitchen Knives
#4. Carpets
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Everything is a chemical!! Water is a chemical. Oxygen is a chemical! Stop saying chemical cleaners. Non-toxic chemical cleaners are what you want to clean with.

  2. “A dull knife is a dangerous one.” Then you tell us to regularly sharpen them, so it becomes even MORE easier to slice and cut things. Yeah, that seems safe. Also, this list said SURPRISINGLY dangerous things. Neither knives nor chemical cleaners are surprisingly dangerous.

  3. We have become so reliant on these everyday household items that we don’t even realize that we are endangering ourselves. Strange isn’t it?

  4. 2:35 **sleep-talking** 9 by 13 inch pan… **being woken up suddenly** NON-STICK PANS! Anyone get the reference?

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