Top 10 Supervillain Quotes from Movies

It’s a well known fact that villains monologue in their movies, and when done right, these devious baddies can deliver some pretty epic lines resulting in the often quoted movie moments. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Unforgettable Villain Quote. But what will take the top spot? The classic ‘Kneel before Zod’ from the superman movies, Jack Nicholson’s Joker’s “You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight,” or Heath Ledger’s Joker’s “Why so serious?” Watch to find out!

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00:37 #10. “Hail HYDRA” from “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011)
01:33 #9. “I’m Not a Comic Book Villain” from “Watchmen” (2009)
02:31 #8. “The Heart, Osborn” from “Spider-Man” (2002)
03:33 #7. “Permission to Die” from “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012)
04:41 #6. “Ready for Another Lesson?” from “Iron Man 3” (2013)
05:46 #5. “Wake You in the Middle of the Night” from “X-Men” (2000)
06:49 #4. “Loki, of Asgard” from “The Avengers” (2012)
07:43 #3, #2, #1 ????

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  1. Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor in the 1978 Superman film:

    “There’s a strong streak of good in you, Superman. But then nobody’s
    perfect… almost nobody.”

    It’s said by Lex directly to Superman through a high-frequency signal that
    only Superman can hear and he frantically flies around the city trying to
    find its origin. The snobbish way Gene says the line really makes it a very
    provoking taunt.

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