Sometimes, updating a superhero’s costume can be a welcomed change. Other times, these changes go too far. Both Marvel and DC have done this to their superheroes and supervillains, but these are the most extreme examples. What’s your least favorite superhero costume?

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List rank and entries:
10: New 52 Harley Quinn
9: Sleeveless Magneto
8: Casual Superman
7: Spiky Namor
6: Biker Wonder Woman
5: Penance
4: Hair-Metal Thor
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. Bro, Casual Superman is legit just casual, the most simple of designs compared to the list. I don’t see how it went to far. Now the DKR Armored Superman and 90’s Motherbox Armor Superman, those went way too far in design.

  2. I liked the casual Superman, i knew it was not going to last and it made sense as an initial custome, not everybody is a multimillonaire that can make an awesome custome in the first try.

  3. Did they just say that Wonder Woman’s outfit showed “far too much skin?” Hello, I’d like to introduce you to comic books.

  4. Penance was a great concept for a character. Loved that guy. A character whose power is pain. You can’t be edgier than that.

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