These shocking Pawn Stars discoveries were treasures in themselves. We’ll be looking at the most amazing things that have ever popped up on Pawn Stars. It’s true – you never DO know what will come through that door! WatchMojo ranks the most shocking Pawn Stars discoveries. What do you think was the most shocking Pawn Stars discovery? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. For me the most shocking discovery is that this lame based show is still on and that there are enough dullards watching it,…heh heh heh, losers.

  2. Rick: I dont know much about this let me get my guy at the (insert expert shop) here.
    Guy: its worth 30,000
    Rick: the best I cam do is $10.00
    I have to store it and there isnt a market for it….
    Guy:its not worth more than $500.00
    Rick gets it for $200.00
    Sells it for 1500.00

  3. On the first picture of Kennedy’s cigars, I counted nine. On the second picture I counted eight. Check me out see if I’m right.

  4. Dunno if Rick is actualy a genius at this job, or the customers are really retarded OR the whole thing is just fixed each time for the cameras.

  5. Rick, I’m a psychic and will tell you the exact day and time of your death. I charge 200 dollars.

    Rick: eh, best I can do is 50

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