Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! There are some places in the world that all of us recognize. We’ve all seen pictures of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, and some of us have been lucky enough to visit London’s Big Ben. But, have you ever stopped to wonder whether everything is as it seems? Believe it or not, some of the most famous landmarks in the world are hiding secrets, and today we’re going to reveal ten of the best-kept ones with 10 Secret Spaces Hidden In Famous Places.

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  1. Well if these are secret places, they aren’t anymore. Most of them I already knew about, except the New York Times Square building.

  2. After i did 3 combat tours with the 1st Marine division i wanted to be guard at the American embassy in Germany i didnt think i would get it becuse my unit in iraq was a very active and i was wounded pretty bad..but 10 months later i got a letter and a call saying that i got the job..i got there in 2008 for 4 yrs…and 9 other Marines were all ready there but didnt see combat like me..so thay gave me a tour of the embassy and i could not believe the arsenal that they have there..i guess all embassys all over the would had the exact amount of firepower….thousands and thousands of rounds of ammo 50 to 60 AR-15s 30 L.A.W rockets 100s and 100s of handgranads…about 30 to 40 sidearms with unlimited rounds of ammo…i stayed there for about 1yr and 6 months..i had a beautiful girlfriend named Anna…when i rotated back to the States i was homesick and wanted to go back…but i needed more surgery on my leg so i choose to say home…my PTSD was bad..i thought i heard people breaking into the embassy but there was nobody…so i had to leave….but i miss my girl friend but i had to end it….thanks for reading this..?✌????????????

    • Narrator says: David, first thank you so much for your service to our country (USA). I know that we have viewers from all around the world, any of whom may be grateful for those who serve in their own nation’s military, police force, etc., but I’m always humbled and grateful for those like you, as a Marine, who did the number of tours you did and then desired to continue serving to your best ability, even with physical injuries and ongoing mental stress, to protect and serve our citizens working in embassies around with globe. There are many sacrifices you, and others like you, have made and continue to make. I’m sorry things with your girlfriend did not work out, but my hope is that you will find someone else who will be lucky enough to spend her life with you. I always suspected from the few US Embassies I had reason to visit in my travels are well supplied, but your description is very interesting. Anyway, thank you for watching the video and for your comments. God bless you.

  3. (mentions Disneyland)
    (shows a picture of the Disney World castle)
    (refers Disneyland as “Magic Kingdom”)

  4. G’stuff… Funny I always liked the idea of living in a home with a whole bunch of secret rooms and stuff. lol.

  5. Been to the top of the Empire State Building, but apparently it wasn’t really the top. Hmm.

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