Top 10 Scary Things Found During A Police Raid
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So I’ve been binge watching this old Netflix series lately called forensic files which have like 20 minute forensic cases so y’know murders, kidnappings, disappearances etc. does that make me sound psycho? I just find them enjoyable. But because of that i feel like i’m a huge pro now when it comes to police investigations and their procedures. So i know what can be found at the crime scene, what gets hidden if found there and so on. So with that being said, these are the Top 10 Scary Things Found in a Police Raid.
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  1. Hi ayman , my favorite most amazing person !!was in law enforcement for a while definitely some crazy stuff out there and some crazy people too !!

  2. What does heavy metal and porn have to do with meth?
    In my EMT days we responded to a domestic violence call in the middle of nowhere. When we hot there the police led us to a room where a guy was bleeding himself into a steel bowl. They then pointed their torches on the walls where he had been using his blood to write bible passages all over the walls. It reeked of raw meat and body odor. His parents were the callers he was paranoid schizophrenic and couldn’t afford his medication.

  3. What does researching & recording these videos do to you? Do you find yourself having to cheer yourself up, or “come back down” afterwards? I hope you won’t have any long-lasting effects

  4. One more time, I don’t have an issue with the messenger, Ayman. I have a problem with the people who act like animals for less than zero reasons. It’s horrible to believe that God gave us the mind to make choices and some just act like animals toward one another. If I could live anywhere else other than earth, I would jump in my ship and leave all humans behind. Earth people are not worthy of this planet. No wonder nature is finally fighting back. Did you think about that?

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