Top 10 People Freaking Out At Police Officers
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Police Officers who are in the line of duty have to deal with a lot of abuse and violence. But as we’ve all seen in the media, there are good cops and then there are some really bad cops. So, our perception of police officers is all over the place. We respect them but we also kind of find them annoying. Am I right? Well on this list we are about to see clips of the top 10 people freaking out at police officers.

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  1. That most dumb thing is that most officers just user their guns for no reason when they know they’d rather use their tasers because it’s not as lethal. Because tasers almost can’t kill a person, if you have multiple tasers shot in specific places that might kill the person, while police should know to use tasers and shoot in the leg, back, or stomach because those are places where it’s not as serious.

  2. People in uniforms are just people without uniforms in uniforms…. Defend yourself by any means necessary.

  3. another Landon video, time to mute the sound and/or turn the video off so i don’t’ have to hear his stupid phrase multiple times

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