Top 10 Scary Rick And Morty Theories – Part 2
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So a couple weeks ago I went through some Rick and Morty theories that made you guys out there question where the next season of the show is going and question whether or not life is matters. I mean really if the multi-verse is real that means that we should just quit our jobs and put all our time and effort into finding the dimension that has dunk-a-roos with a perfect cookie to icing ratio. Well you guys liked it so much that I put together a Top 10 scary Rick and Morty theories part – 2 video.

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  1. i dont want to sound stupid but i dont think his wife died / died in the explosion because after they returned to the resturaunt because rick took control, he bragged and explained how easy it was to make up a fake backstory

  2. for number 2: We know its the same rick because they keep mentioning they are from dimension C-137

  3. Do a South Park scary theories . Or Rugrats . The first list makes me want to Rick and Marty .

  4. Rick believes in God. The episode where the dimensions split he asks God for help. So booyaa vato!

  5. If my life is just a show

    It would be pretty boring because all I do is sit around and eat XD

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