Top 10 Scary Poltergeist Caught On Camera
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So what is a poltergeist. Well they are ghosts or supernatural beings that are capable of moving objects. A lot of people say that they are angry ghosts looking to get some revenge on the living. So without anymore delays let’s take a look at the top 10 scary poltergeist caught on camera.

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  1. i know there things going on out there that cannot be explained away; however, most of those are all kind of fake

  2. My dog goes under my bed and sometimes he starts shaking and goes to the bathroom and hide in the bathtub which is weird because he hates water

  3. The #3 clip is very hard to disprove, but the #2 clip was proven fake by several viewers. The “shadow” was photo shopped and the guy was being pulled by clear fishing line and is pushing himself towards the “shadow.” Video #2 was so fake it’s not funny!!!!

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