Top 10 Scary YouTuber Discoveries Caught On Camera
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YouTube is a place where we can find all kinds of scary and creepy videos. And there are a lot of YouTubers who have recorded themselves finding some messed up discoveries. So here are the top 10 scary YouTuber discoveries caught on camera.

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    • MostAmazingTop10 so one time I was lying in bed watching and was watching Marble Hornets and there is a character with the name Masky he wore a white mask with black lips and feminine black eyes and brows eyes so I made the same msk as his so one time I was busy watching Marble Hornets and in one sceneI saw Masky just as I saw that him that mask I made yhat loos just like Masky’s fell off from my TV and instead of being scared I actually laughed?

    • I have four equally scary things for me. 1: When my little sister’s hair caught on fire. 2: When my friend almost drowned in a pool. 3: When me and a friend’s little sister almost drowned in a lake. 4: When my best friend went to Stockholm the same day there was a terror attack there. Fortunately, it turned out okay for all of us

  1. My sister and I have heard someone shout her name that really wasn’t there. Many more things have happened here, all are way creepy, but I love horror stories. ?

  2. Landon why did you make me give you a dislike for this video? Please dude stop saying it. I’m not the only fan that is truly tired of it.

  3. 5:31 seen the vid it’s not the basement it’s right above his stairs. False news again Landon

  4. 4:21 they aren’t bones they’re someone’s ashes I saw the video. False news Landon

  5. the house where i lived 10 years ago, pretty sur it was hunted, a lot of weird stuff happend there, every member of the family was experiencing those stuff, of course we sold the house but I miss that house, the things dat were living in it were friendly.

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