If you thought America had the monopoly on superheroes, these Japanese superhero franchises beg to differ. We’re looking at our favorite superhero franchises from Japan, be they animated or live action. These heroes will stare evil in the face and proudly say, “I must succeed!” WatchMojo ranks the best Japanese superhero franchises. What’s your favorite Japanese superhero franchise? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Really happy I finally got to feature Kamen Rider on a list! ✌️
    Follow me on Twitter @Ashjbow and lemme know if you want us to do more Tokusatsu content!

  2. Don’t forget about “Pretty Cure”/“Precure”. That was pretty much the Mahou Shoujo anime equivalent of “Super Sentai” with its many installments.

  3. I glad that Kamen Riders are on the first list…💖
    By the way… Zi O storylines are confusing and they no likely to connect old Kamen Rider timelines

  4. Super Sentai and Kamen Rider are fantastic, and have both inspired American versions(Power Rangers and the lesser known Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight which only lasted one season. PR has obviously lasted far longer than that).

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