The worst things done by BoJack Horseman are worthy of being sentenced to the glue factory. We’re looking at the some of the most disappointing and deplorable things that this anthropomorphic horse has ever done. He’s tired of running in circles, yet he continues running the same terrible treadmill. WatchMojo ranks the worst things done by BoJack Horseman. What do you think is the worst thing BoJack has done? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. To be fair i think Bojack should get a pass for number 6 and really anything bad he did to Beatrice. Are you really gonna sit there and say shes the victim after the hell she put him through his whole life.

  2. What I don’t get is the situation with penny and bojack is that , why is she the one whose was traumatized? I get that he’s an adult but why he is the only one that’s in the wrong? They both were.

  3. I have to say, 3 & 4 are somewhat misconstrued.

    The shitty thing with Herb (#4) wasn’t that he refused to walk- the Network Exec flat out told him it wouldn’t matter; it would be career suicide with no benefit to Herb. It was that he abandoned him personally after that, not trying to follow up and make sure his (former) friend was doing okay or even showing the slightest effort in that regard that was the problem.

    With #3, the scene was something that was 1) very important to BoJack 2) Kelsey agreed and 3) even with Producers having the final say, it doesn’t mean actors/directors can’t provide notes… Kelsey getting fired by Turtletob was over the line; they shot the scene off the clock, without impacting the filming, to make a point about the film that could be. Hell, he could have put his foot down, said no, this isn’t the movie anymore, time to move on, even acknowledged the passion in a positive way – instead, TT decided to swing his dick around. (Hell, we know how great it is to bring in new directors in the middle of filming in general…) Plus, let’s not forget that this gutting of his dream project directly led to him leaving the film (#10), and the issues with Penny/Charlotte (#5).

    • Oh, and the “Dishonorable Mention” about “Offending Navy SEALS”/”the Troops”- speaking as a vet? Naw man, he’s right. The tirade after the stale hamburger buns, (and the whole “give a jerk a gun” thing), is spot on.

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