Top 10 Games That Are Illegal To Play – Part 2
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So you guys really like knowing which games have been banned or are illegal to play. Is that a reverse psychology thing? I list the games that are banned and you shouldn’t be playing and you guys somehow want to play them even more? Is that whats going on? Well have no fear because I’m back with part 2.

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  1. The whole point of video games is entertainment by allowing you the opportunity to simulate a fantasy in which you do things you otherwise wouldn’t or couldn’t. That being said, I feel games that promote certain ideas, like rape, racism, pedophilia, torture, etc., should probably not even be designed to begin with. Bully was a perfectly acceptable game, rather mild by Rockstar’s standards. Most of the other games on this list probably don’t deserve banning, but a Mature rating is expected. I certainly agree with age restrictions, or need for parental consent, for these games. I think it’s interesting I haven’t seen Socom or Medal of Honor or any of the other popular war games on these lists.

  2. I *own* Carmaggedon! And the Splat Pak add-on, which gave you more levels and some different graphics, but still just more of the same… and it’s awesome! However… maybe it was just my computer, but Splat Pak liked to crash a lot (no pun intended).

  3. Holy crap I so played carmagedon when I was a kid! My aunt had a copy of it for her computer. I remember the cows would moo when you’d hit them, and driving into a football stadium while a game was going on and mowing down players. That game was nuts.

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