Top 10 Scariest Things Found In The Woods
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Scariest Things Found in the Woods! You guys just LOVE a bit of scary, don’t you! I love hiking in woods ….so we are kind of meeting on the same page here, except you have kind of made me scared of hiking alone! Before we get into this video, why don’t you guys let me know if you have ever hike a woodland trail? If so, where? My favourite recently was Allegheny National Forest!

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  1. One day i was in the woods along a trail several miles from the nearest road. Then i saw 4 or 5 deer heads just laying in a pile, but the creepiest part was near by nailed on a tree a roting deer head was nailed on

  2. Jogs through a forest.. Well. Both that and camping when I was a kid in Aokigahara. As well as much later as a teen in I think it was called Wood Lake. There was also another forest but I really do not remember its name at all. ( Japan and US respectively )

    I remember the strange thing about Aokigahara is that one of the areas we camped at was extremely quiet. ( And before anyone asks. No.. did not find any dead bodies.. Yes there are campgrounds, yes there was a few times my family camped in areas we technically where not allowed to. ) That and this really big spider that had a large web in the middle of the path. Scared me big time as I have a bit of a fear of them. ( That.. and well. That particular species is also poisons. )

    As for Wood Lake. It was beautiful especially during winter. Basically nothing really scary. Just a bit eerie with one place and that is about it. Aokigahara is also very beautiful as well but it does have a really nasty reputation sadly.

  3. And this is why kids, we never wander in the woods. Why?? Oh because Rebecca told so and if you want to prevent getting eaten alive/be caught for a ritual and used as a sacrifice. Have a good day????

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