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Fan Creations Attacked by the Property Owners

Imagine working hard on an interpretation of your favourite video game or show only to have the owners shut you down! In this episode of WatchMojo, Adrian Sousa lists the top ten ways fan creations have been attacked by property owners. Watch this video to discover our top 10 ranking of fan creations attacked by property owners!

10. “Streets of Rage Remake” Gets KO’d Days After Release
9. ZeniMax Media Targets “DoomRL”
8. “Super Mario 64 HD” Must Cease & Desist
7. A Punisher Fan Film Gets Punished
6. Nintendo Shuts Down “AM2R”
5. Star Wars Theory VS. Warner/Chappell
4. “Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil” Gets Disapproval from Electronic Arts

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    • Where’s Halo Eldewito (Shut down by microsoft under 4 days) and 935 Fan Series(Activision threatened lawsuit for character usage)

    • I can tell you why so many kids are being drawn blindly into socialism.
      1) the schools have started to indoctrinate them so they are mindless sheep.
      2) social media and making the youth think the world owes them everything
      3) higher learning institutions tend to fail students if they don’t praise socialism (some of my classmates told others that the professors decided to fail them because of political differences)
      4) censorship of capitalist views by big companies ie CNN, MSNBC, Google to name a few
      5) kids today grow up learning that the government can take care of them, when in reality, it can’t.
      Anything else?

    • @Steven2Desmond//CommanderSylveon2930 The root of the problem is nintendo. Instead of working with the creators to help them or just acknowledge them, Big N just crush them with no mercy whatsoever. EVERYTHING related to Nintendo is just down in a matter of days. Fangames, technical demos, it doesn’t matter. And someday it may cost Nintendo quite a lot for being so closed minded. It may be a bit extreme but I found Nintendo really egoistic with their properties.

    • I still think Pokemon Brick Bronze is supposed to be on the list. A roblox game that had over 700+ pokemon densed together in 1 small map, and getting regular updates, the game got shut down by Nintendo and basically made any pokemon game to have ever and will ever be created in the roblox platform be gone forever. It pretty much single handely killed pokemon for the roblox platform, a platform that gets millions of unique players a day.

    • Take a look at the FF Type 0 Fan translation. The game wasn’t available to western audiences but one guy and its team managed the impossible and did a massive english patched version of the game, even cinematics were in subbed in english but kept the japanese voices. SQEX didn’t agree at first and tried to find a mutual solution but when the patch was released, after two years of intense working, SQEX announced FFType-0 HD and took down the english patch of the original PSP game. Thanksfully, it was reuploaded and updated after that but still, weird move for SQEX to agree then suddenly change their mind.

  1. Pokemon as a whole should be number 1. i saw so many fans do what the creators refuse to do (good games with attentation and love) just for gamefreak to take them down. Uranium is only one of many.

  2. Nintendo’s be like
    We the Nintendo of Japan aren’t pleased with fan made games that are better from the original game and we don’t profit from it. Only the creators of fan made earn and we dont like that

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