The media keeps us up to date on the happenings of the world. However whether the news is good or bad, it’s not exactly impartial… Here are 10 ways the media is manipulating you.

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    • i find it “SHOCKING” that EVERY EXAMPLE you mention in your faggot video is pro left and anti right. you are a typical liberal hypocrite. you are manipulating your audience, but you think it’s okay because you are “right” and everybody else is “wrong”. GO FUCK YOURSELF FAGGOT SOYBOY CUCK.

    • COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH LOL. Yes american media is biased. Has been for over 30 years now. Both sides blatantly lie. Left seems less evil tho lol

  1. Wonder which news source will copyright strike this. And claim some bs on why it needs to be taken down?

  2. I find it interesting that all the negative examples were from the right. When the left controls The majority of the media. Making it clear of the party affiliation Publisher.

  3. Misleading thumbnail. Anyone who was paying attention during the 2016 election knows that Fox News didn’t like trump and sided with any of the other candidates until they had no one left to choose in the Republican Party.

  4. You guys really nailed journalism 101, here. Giving equal covered to all sides of a story is considered the Gold Standard in journalism, and this accomplishes just that. Sure, I would have loved more examples, but hey, you kept it under 10 minutes. The bulk of the comments section here just further proves how many people have been manipulated, and how human nature inherently wants to reject information that doesn’t coincide with their established assumptions. “Nobody likes being told they are wrong” – Michael Dell.

  5. It’s common knowledge. So why are they allowed to still have so much control over us? We know they are malevolent, we know they are corrupt. And yet they are still allowed to use us as pawns for their agenda.

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