Top 10 Epic Superhero Resurrections
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Superheroes don’t stay dead, but that doesn’t mean that their resurrections can’t at least be memorable, even awesome in some cases. These are the superhero resurrections that stand out in terms of their originality, unexpectedness, and of course, epicness.

Here’s a list of the character who die over, and over, and over again –
Top 10 Comic Characters Who Keep Dying:

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List Rank and Entries
#10: Jean Grey
#9: Elektra
#8: Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
#7: Batman
#6: Patsy Walker / Hellcat
#5: Spider-Man
#4: Jason Todd / Robin
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. They should have specified the whole ‘Phoenix-Jean-was-a-clone’ thing, but otherwise some good choices here

  2. What about colossus he was dead for like 10 years and then comes back to save kitty (his gf)

  3. This is just another random comment in the comment section but has anyone watched Krypton on SyFy? It’s about Superman’s grandfather Seg-El who had to fight for his family’s honor from the House of El and ends up getting killed for exposing new species to their planet. I only seen like 2 episodes but just something I wanted to share and not surprised Superman ends up being #1:.

    Oh yeah, I hope whoever reads this has a good evening since it’s like 6:40 ( Arizona Mountain Time ) while I’m typing this. xD

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