Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Fast food can be a saving grace for working people who can’t set time aside to cook. Whether it’s for its affordability or for its convenience, fast food restaurants solve problems in many American’s lives. However, making food quickly involved some techniques that can be less than fresh and healthy. Which is what brings us today’s top of the Top 10 Disgusting Things People Found in fast food. Spoiler alert, things are about to get gross.

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  1. What’s the grossest thing you ever found in your food? I found a 1-foot hair in my burger from Hot-n-Now once!

  2. one times i eat a burger from Macdonnolds and a piece of lettuce and tomatoe was in there so i spitted them out and shoved a crapload of fries in my mouths to combat the vegetable tastes.

  3. A minor nuisance but I once drank a small milk from Micky D’s that had mastitis; they were cool about it and gave me another one no hassle, it just felt so weird to feel…

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