Spells are about to fly! Join Todd Haberkorn as he counts down the most intense magical fights in Anime including shows like Black Clover, Fairy Tail, Magi, KonoSuba, Wiseman’s Grandchild, Legend of the Legendary Heroes, How NOT To Summon a Demon Lord, Overlord, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Irregular at Magic High School, and more! So expect crazy spellcaster battles like, Yuno vs. Rill, Natsu vs. Sting and Rogue, and Aladdin vs. Titus!

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#10. Shin vs. Schtrom
#9. Kazuma’s Squad vs. Hans
#8. Diablo vs. Force Hydra
#7. Ryner vs. Magic Knights
#6. Tatsuya vs. Masaki
#5. The Four Cardinal Heroes vs. The Pope
#4. Ainz vs. Shalltear
#3. ???
#2. ???
#1. ???

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  1. I am so sad that Dark Schneider from ‘Bastard!’ has been so long forgotten. His magical duels were very OP

  2. Just put Todd in anything anime related and we’ll all be happy <3
    P/S: Sorry Ashley, but 2 Hunters without X kills me.. 🙁

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