Top 10 Awesome Things Superhero Actors Did In Real Life
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They’re not just superheroes on the big screen; they play them in real life too. From founding charities, to helping children in need, to stepping in to fight bullying, these stars have hearts of gold! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Awesome Things Superhero Actors Did In Real Life.

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#10. Hugh Jackman Founded Laughing Man Worldwide
#9. Ryan Reynolds Joined the Michael J. Fox Foundation to Fight Parkinson’s
#8. Mark Ruffalo Raised Money for Water Defense
#7. Scarlett Johansson Was an Oxfam Ambassador for Years
#6. George Clooney CoFounded Not on Our Watch
#5. Chris Hemsworth is a Spokesman for the Australian Childhood Foundation
#4. Christian Bale Visited Aurora Shooting Victims in Hospital
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Scarlett Johansson could do well without the women’s march considering she did a Woody Allen and a Roman Polanski movie.

  2. Why its always says: raised by doing a run, raised at the auction, raised at charity event? RAISED. I dont here a lot of “Hollywood star GAVE money”. When Hollywood stars making tens of millions of dollars a movie they still ask other people to give money for THERE charities and foundations.

  3. We need a second part because we have many other great superheroe actors doing some very nice for their fans like Tom Holland visiting kids in a hospital dressed as SpiderMan.

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